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Our team of professional will guide you from A to Z, everything that you need to become successful.
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Worrying about the location? Fret not, TFN Brownie are growing nationwide.
Yes, nationwide and soon worldwide.

What our partners are saying
  • I love TFN brownie because I fall in love with the thinnest & crunchiest brownie I'd ever try. Starting from an agent and now Alhamdulillah I'm one of the Johor Stokist under HQ Distributor Afiqah. My mission joining TFN BROWNIE circle is to help my family and more people out there. Glad to have very positive TFN BROWNIE founder and thank you so much to all my #teamtfnnima agents for being a very wonderful team 😍

    IG: tfnbrownie_kluang45
    Area: Kluang, Batu Pahat, Simpang Renggam
    No. tel: 016-4471134

  • I❤️TFN BROWNIE Because the cookies so yummy and crunchy. Very thin. Different than others. The packaging is so nice and complete with seal zip lock. Very good for the customer.I start from mini agent on February 2020, the fee for mini agent are very affordable for me as a housewife who want to find a side income to help family and pay my educational loan. The sales are good and fast. Many people like it! Love TFN Brownie!“Don’t find customer for your products, find products for your customers.”🌟

    Ig: maisarahsulaiman__
    Area: Pasir Gudang, JOHOR
    No. tel: 010-2455443

  • Saya suka TFN Brownie kerana sedap dan packaging lawa! Belum pernah nampak atau cuba lagi brownie berbentuk chips seperti ini. So TFN is the first thinnest brownie i ever had. Btw, i join this team to gain my confident as it can improve my selling and communication skill. Jadi stokist and make networking with agent lebih buatkan saya semangat and confident utk teruskan jualan #teamtfn

    IG : tfnbrownie.os
    Area: Klang Valley
    No. tel: 017-3505258

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